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Securing Applications with TEEs

This course can no longer be booked.

A comprehensive overview of TEE solutions for Confidential Computing

Service Description

- Introduction to Confidential Computing - An analysis of HW-assisted Trusted Computing Solutions - Technologies for HW-assisted Trusted Computing: AMD SEV, Intel TDX, Intel SGX - Deep dive into Intel SGX and approaches to securing applications - Examples of implementing SGX applications using the Intel SGX SDK - Examples of use of SGX Runtime: Gramine, Occlum, Inclavare - Porting applications/libraries to Intel SGX - Performance tuning approaches for Intel SGX - Configuring Cloud solutions with support for SGX/SEV/TDX - Technologies for HW-assisted Trusted Computing: ARM TrustZone and ARM CCA - Presentation of the OP-TEE environment and related exercise - Research trends in the TEE field

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